Artist Control v2 00633266

Artist Control v2 00633266

SKU:  1001-00633266
Manufacturer Part #:  00633266
Artist Control v2 brings the unparalleled speed, resolution, and software integration of high-end Euphonix consoles and controllers to the personal studio in a revolutionary, ergonomic, slim-line design. Artist Control v2 fits perfectly between keyboard and screen, and can be connected to additional Artist Mix and Artist Transport units to create a larger media control surface. Features: · LED-backlit touch-screen interface (800 x 480 pixels) · Eight custom touch-sensitive rotary encoders · Four touch-sensitive motorized faders · 12 assignable soft keys · Transport controls and data entry wheel · Studio Monitor Express software · High-speed EuCon(TM) Ethernet protocol


SKU:  1001-00633266^00633266
Manufacturer Part #:  00633266
Weight:  9.87
Price: $1,699.95

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