Artist Mix 00633220

Artist Mix 00633220

SKU:  1001-00633220
Manufacturer Part #:  00633220
Artist Mix brings the unparalleled audio mixing speed, resolution, and DAW integration of high-end Euphonix professional consoles to the personal studio. The faders and rotary encoders enable fast access to pan, EQ and plug-ins with clear metering and info displays. Add Artist Control and/or extra Artist Mix units for larger systems. Features: · Eight touch-sensitive motorized faders · Eight touch-sensitive rotary encoders · Eight high-resolution OLED displays (128 x 64 pixels) · Transport controls · High-speed EuCon(TM) Ethernet protocol


SKU:  1001-00633220^00633220
Manufacturer Part #:  00633220
Weight:  9.62
Price: $1,399.95

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