AV 20 00633073

AV 20 00633073

SKU:  1001-00633073
Manufacturer Part #:  00633073
Hear your music, DVDs, and video games the way they were meant to sound with the M-Audio® AV 20 multimedia speakers. Built with the same M-Audio technology that professional recording studios have trusted for years, the AV 20 system provides an excellent audio upgrade for your computer. With internal amplification plus dedicated high- and low frequency drivers, the AV 20 system lets you experience every detail of your sound. Custom cabinets with dense wood construction deliver far more bass response than you could ever get from plastic multimedia speakers. And if you're the creative type, the AV 20 speakers are perfect for crafting your next remix, recording original tracks or adding music to a home movie. FEATURES: · Optimized for computer audio including music, video and games. · Acclaimed M-Audio technology used in pro recording studios. · Separate high- and low-frequency drivers with crossover. · High-fidelity 10-watt-per-channel internal amplification. · Custom cabinet with dense wood construction for full, warm sound. · Tight, accurate bass response. · Smooth, crisp highs. · OptImage III wave guides for superior stereo imaging. · Portable design. · Magnetic shielding for desktop use. SPECIFICATONS: · 2 inch. composite woofer · 1 inch. ferrofluid-cooled Mylar balanced-dome tweeter · OptImage III wave guides for superior imaging · Magnetic shielding · 10-watt-per-channel Class-D amplifier · RCA unbalanced inputs · Front-panel controls for volume and on/off · Angled wooden cabinet.


SKU:  1001-00633073^00633073
Manufacturer Part #:  00633073
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