eKeys 37 00633056

eKeys 37 00633056

SKU:  1001-00633056
Manufacturer Part #:  00633056
Have you ever wanted to learn to play music but didn't know where to start? Then eKeys is for you. This compact 37-note mini keyboard comes with music software and games that make learning a breeze for all ages. Installation is just as easy - simply plug eKeys into any USB computer. The class-compliant design works immediately with Windows XP and Mac OS X, and installing the included drivers for other operating systems is a snap. So whether you want to learn to play the piano, create your own compositions, mix using the included library of professionally recorded samples, or simply have fun with pre-school nursery rhymes, eKeys does it all. Bundled music software includes: · Sound Studio II VST (PC only) · Picture Board (PC only) · Music Teacher (PC only)


SKU:  1001-00633056^00633056
Manufacturer Part #:  00633056
Weight:  1.69
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