Audio Buddy 00633044

Audio Buddy 00633044

SKU:  1001-00633044
Manufacturer Part #:  00633044
Now that you have your high-performance, PC-based, line-level recording system all set up, how do you record your mics and guitar? Introducing Audio Buddy, the ultra-quiet, phantom-powered dual mic preamp and direct box. Audio Buddy is the perfect companion piece for any digital audio system. It's the ideal audio gateway for recording the two most significant, non-line level instruments: microphones and electric guitars. FEATURES: · 2 independent XLR, fully balanced inputs. · 2 alternate, independent 1/4 inch. unbalanced, high impedance inputs. These alternate 1/4 inch. inputs are impedance matched for ideal performance with typical electric guitars. · Separate gain controls for each of the two preamplifiers. · Individual signal and clipping LEDs for each of the preamplifiers. · XLR phantom power can be switched on and off for both of the mic preamps. · Phantom power on or off LED indicator. · Dual purpose independent 1/4 inch. outputs which accept either tip-ring-sleeve plugs for balanced signal or tip-sleeve plug for unbalanced signal. · Super-small size: 5.5 inch. x 3.3 inch. x 1.7 inch.. · Ultra-quiet S/N specification. · You can't get a quieter preamp at any price! SPECIFICATIONS: · Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 50 kHz, +0, -3 dB. · Mic Gain: 60 dB max. · Mic Input Impedance: 1 K ohm · Guitar Gain: 40 dB max. · Guitar Input Impedance: 100 K ohms. · Approximate weight: under 1/2 lb. · Power supply: 9 volts ac; 300 milliamps.


SKU:  1001-00633044^00633044
Manufacturer Part #:  00633044
Weight:  2.16
Price: $119.95

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