G&L Tribute Fallout Short-Scale Bass Guitar - Surf Green TI-FLB-111R51M10

SKU:  ae00-6553
Manufacturer Part #:  TI-FLB-111R51M10
The new Tribute Series Fallout Bass is available in four exciting colors with complimenting pickguards. This 30” short scale powerhouse features a G&L Magnetic Field Design humbucking pickup controlled by a 3-position mini–toggle switch for parallel/split/OMG modes – just like an L-1000 – bringing anything from modern to old school tones to your fingertips. What’s more, players used to a traditional 34″ scale will find this pint size puncher super easy to play. Other features include a Poplar body, Maple bolt-on neck, Rosewood and Maple fingerboards, Saddle-Lock Bridge, G&L tuners, and D’Addario Nickel Roundwound short scale strings, .045-.065-.080-.100.


SKU:  ae00-6553^TI-FLB-111R51M10
Manufacturer Part #:  TI-FLB-111R51M10
Weight:  0.00
Price: $649.99

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